Who we are

GGlobal Green ID LLC – GGIDTM helps businesses navigate the sustainability progression available to them, getting started in going green, becoming a Certified Green Business, becoming Registered Green Business to get “GGIDTM – Global Green Identity” certificate and then going beyond to set new sustainability standards.

There are many great reasons why green businesses are not a fad or a fashion , but one of the most important trends of the 21st century, the green economy is a bright point of the economy; GGIDTM (Global Green IDTM) specializing in helping business owners do the things that all the businesses will have to do to be successful, go green, cost reduction and market their businesses online.

  • Green Strategy Development & Refinement.
  • Green Business Training Programs
  • Green tolls for small, medium, and enterprise businesses
  • Certification and Accredetation
  • Integrated environmental solutions for operation cost reduction

Our process

  • We Analyze

    analyseBWOur Green consultancy and training services focusing on understand your business and target audiences for growth.

    Our consulting offerings are quickly customizable to meet the needs of your company. We offer a unique change management focus to ensure your programs are rapidly adopted and sustainable over the long term; Jumpstart your journey to increased profitability through sustainability. We offer:

    • Analysis of your organization’s situation and potential
    • Strategies to cultivate your company’s sustainability and bottom line
    • Tactics to engage stakeholders and improve your business performance

    Is it strategic? A shotgun approach of blasting news releases out of the media may not work as well as a laser-like strategy to reach customers and retail partners, let’s start from a business plan to profit.

  • We Create

    createBW1Our consultants will take care of your business in order to apply appropriate solutions to save the environment and reduce operating expenses after careful analysis and study.

    If objectives were anticipated correctly, the expenditure needed to achieve these targets may be a wise investment particularly once competitors  are forced by cost drivers (for example, rising energy or waste treatment costs) and/or legislation to improve environmental performance.

    The sooner the company starts to evaluate alternatives to end-of-the-pipe solutions, for example, by modifying the product and packaging, the higher the return on investment will be. As soon as the competition is forced to improve environmental performance because of cost or consumer pressure and/or environmental law, the initial cost incurred will become a benefit and competitive advantage.

    Key fields & objectives:

    • Green Construction 
    • Global Warming
    • Energy Consumption
    • Water Consuption
    • Ozone Depletion
    • Toxic Waste
    • Nutrification

    Our programs details what must be done,by whom, how and when for each of the defined objective and targets of high priority.
    • Designating responsibility for achieving objectives and targets at each relevant function and level.
    • Providing the means (i.e. people, skills, technology, financial resources, etc.) for fulfilling the objectives and targets.
    • Designing a time frame within witch objectives and targets will be achieved.
  • You Profit!

    profitBWAfter training, coaching phases and implement proposed solutions by our consultants you will be a “Certified Green Business”, blessed a cost reduction and achieve new profits.

    This certification gives your company a competitive advantage in international trade, and is a potential source of productivity improvement, you should analyse the potential costs and benefits to make sure that the system provides a positive economic return.

The Right Professionals For Your Project

Contact us to receive the full program brochure with major consultancy and training services details and to know the nearest partner to your area/region,contact them to discuss the investment budget for your project and the expected profit