Expo Solutions

Online Conferences System

  • Budget: 80,000€ - 120,000€
  • Tools: PHP, Ajax, HTML5, XML
  • Release: 30th May 2013

Electronic/Online exhibition system, including online conference module.

Traditional  Exhibitions  mean  participants have to travel and stay in a particular place. This takes time and is expensive. But an online conference uses the Internet as a conference venue.

This means that participants can access the Exhibition from anywhere in the world and can do this at any time, using standard browser software. Participants will be able to log on as little or as much as they wish – before, after or during office hours.

We’re not saying an online Exhibition is invariably better than a normal, face to face conference (though it can be!), but it is different, and has lots of advantages:

  • Cheaper – no travel or accommodation;
  • More convenient – access it at any time and from anywhere;
  • High level of participation – typically, more people will actively participate in an online conference than in a face to face conference, and the standard of the discussions is often higher;
  • Wider spread of participants
  • and there is a permanent record of proceedings.